Type B

About 30.3% of Philippine Population

Below is a brief summary of your unique characteristics. The book Live Right For Your Type by Dr. Peter D’Adamo will take you through the journey of living, for you to find out more about your own unique fingerprint behavior:

  • Free Thinking
  • Resilient
  • Creative
  • Original
  • Subjective
  • Inveterate
  • Organizer

Your Diet

Type B can best be described as idiosyncratic – with utterly unique and sometimes chameleonlike characteristics. On the whole, the sturdy and alert Type Bs are usually able to resist many of the most severe diseases common to modern life. Yet because Type Bs are somewhat offbeat, their systems seem more prone to exotic immune-system disorders, such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Foods that encourage weight gain:
  • inhibits insulin efficiency
  • hampers metabolic rate
  • causes hypoglycemia
  • inhibit proper nutrient uptake
  • hamper metabolic efficiency
  • cause hypoglycemia
  • hamper metabolic efficiency
  • cause hypoglycemia
  • inhibit liver function
Sesame Seeds
  • hamper metabolic efficiency
  • cause hypoglycemia
Buck Wheat
  • inhibits digestion
  • hampers metabolic efficiency
  • causes hypoglycemia
  • slows the digestive and metabolic processes
  • causes food to be stores as fat
  • not burned as energy
  • inhibits insulin efficiency
Foods that encourage weight loss:
Green Vegetables
  • aid efficient metabolism
  • aid efficient metabolism
  • aid efficient metabolism
Eggs/Low-Fat Dairy products
  • aids efficient metabolism
Licorice Tea
  • counters hypoglycemia (never take licorice supplements without a doctor’s supervision. Licorice tea is okay.)

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