Stress Relief

Each blood type has different responses to occasional stress and therefore has different needs when it comes to bringing their bodies back into balance.

  • Catechol. Type O and AB benefit from Catechol’s ability to balance healthy neurotransmitter levels.
  • Cortiguard. Type A and B are helped by Cortiguard which promotes healthy cortisol levels.
  • Tranquility Base. Our popular Tranquility Base is an all natural blend of calming herbs that are right for all types – perfect when you have difficulty falling asleep on your own.

Dr. Peter D’Adamo offers a full line of formulas specific to Occasional Stress.

The concept of stress is very prominent in modern society. Every day, we hear or even have said to ourselves, “I’m so stressed,” or “My problem is too much stress.” Indeed it is true that unbridled stress reactions are associated with many illnesses. Few people realize, though that it is not the stress itself but our reaction to the stress in our environment that depletes our immune systems and leads to illness. Each blood type has a different response to stress. Following your specific Blood Type diet, GenoType diet or SWAMI protocol can provide nutritional support to combat the effects of stress in our lives. Additionally, Dr. Peter D’Adamo has formulated a series of products that provide relief for the effects of acute and chronic stress in our lives.

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