Joints and Mobility

Your body is an amazing machine! When you move, your bones, joints, muscles and tendons work together in perfect movement and balance. Injuries and chronic conditions, such as arthritis and inflammation, can cause you to lose flexibility and joint stability resulting in considerable loss of range of motion. Dr. Peter D’Adamo has formulated a variety of products to reduce inflammation and restore your natural body rhythms.

  • Bromelain, a natural enzyme, is an effective aid in maintaining tissue health.
  • Sciencia contains a unique balanced blend of Bromelain, Quercetin, and Turmeric, long used by Ayurvedic practitioners.
  • Philoxicin contains L-Histidine, an amino acid, that may be beneficial to relieve pain associated with chronic arthritis.

Dr. Peter D’Adamo offers a full line of formulas for healthy joint movement listed below.

Blood Type Specific Products:

  • Deflect O (lectin-blocker formula)
  • Deflect A (lectin-blocker formula)
  • Deflect B (lectin-blocker formula)
  • Deflect AB (lectin-blocker formula)
  • Phytocal O (sea mineral formula)
  • Phytocal A (sea mineral formula)
  • Phytocal B (sea mineral formula)
  • Phytocal AB (sea mineral formula)

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